Want to have unlimited fun? A 3D Checkers board game loaded with exciting features.

Plan your own strategy and lead to victory with our 3D design and exciting features. A game loaded with different challenges, features and modes that will make you quit playing other games. Don’t believe our words, play it and tell us your experience.

Want to know what's so exciting about this game?


Chapayev 2 is a hybrid checkers and billiards game where you shoot draughts across the board that leave a trail of destruction in their wake. The game starts out with a well-defined rule set of both chess and billiards, but it eventually becomes a hybrid where you don't know what rules will be applied next.


The game has a unique feel reminiscent of chess but offers quick and dynamic gameplay similar to billiards. Spin the wheel for points and bonus power-ups, and be sure to dodge the moving Buzzsaws!

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Simple Survival. You have your moves to play; kill them all before the opponent kills your army. Are you ready for this battle?


You must either kill or take obstacles on the board. After a certain level, the obstacle starts moving so be careful.


There will be mines on the way, and if you hit it, you will kill yourself. So play safe and make a strategy to win the game.


This challenge is like enjoying both world obstacles as well as mine. The difficulty level will be even worse. Try it now.

Daily Rewards

Spin the wheel of fortune

Yeah, in this game, you can spin the wheel and can test your fortune to earn various things.

Watch Ad & Earn

Just watch an ad and gain 100 points. Just watch ads and earn coins.



Yeah, you can bet with another player for the coins and make this game even more exciting. Just roll the dice and see if you win the toss, then continue playing the game.


Play the tournament with your friends and make this competitive game even more enjoyable. Invite now to see who wins the Tourney. Play now!


If you want to get an extra bonus, just watch a video ad and defeat the other player against you. You might win a jackpot.


Check your position on the leaderboard, update your profile, and give your best to be in the first place.


Invite your friends and family to play with you and have fun while letting them know you are the master of this game.

Game reviews

Henry Rossi

I love this game's graphics and the characters are superb. I want to give 5 stars. This 3D checkerboard game is fascinating and fun to play with your friends and family.

Mitesh Gohel

Controls are good, which is a must for these type of 3D board games. And the four different levels are amazing to play. Once you start playing this game, I bet you will be addicted to it like me—an amazing Checkers Classic 3D Board Game with some exciting features.

Jarrett Upshaw

Exactly what I've been looking for. It's a game that makes my adrenaline rush go up and makes me wanna win. A 3D game that has more twists and turns than any other game.


Chapayev - 3D Board Game

Chapayev 2 - Checkers Classic 3D Board Game